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The typical work structure has been a usually setting; go to work in a physical office, with bosses and subordinates there present, sit there all day, leave at the stipulated time and get paid monthly. There are too many flaws of this method. First, it gives room for idle-time – a lot of it – and a lot of excesses that comes with dealing directly with people. It also does not give room for flexibility as you may be stuck doing monotonous work. Finally, you are stuck. You do not have freedom to take on responsibilities, cater for your family, meet other pressing needs, and get paid to do other stuffs.

As a result of the trend of the internet, some of these challenges have been met. So many people now take on freelance jobs and by so doing, work from the comfort of their rooms and still get paid. You can work on a beach or on a plane or even at your doctor’s appointment as you wait. Also, you are cut off from the screaming bosses, the lousy secretary, the slow subordinate and all those folks that ultimately make the entire day about 50 times more stressful. To top it all, you do not even have to be your own boss – not directly. The reason is that at the end of the day, you still work for someone and get paid by the person. You still have a boss and you still get stuff to do directly from him or her.

The difference is that you can eliminate idle time. You would work only when you need to work, and you would not waste the remaining hours in the day. In other words, you can deploy effort into doing multiple activities high in value and maximize the 24 hours you have in a day. The question now is ‘how?’ How do you get paid by your boss for being in bed? How do you pull it off? How would you be sure to deliver all your deliverables in no time? How do you make sure that you do not sleep the whole day and cause it to amount to a bigger day? How are you even sure that working from home is the best for you? Here is a rundown of how you can work miles away from your employer and still get paid.

  • Know yourself

This just had to be the first step – a caveat per se. – working from home is not for everybody. So many people do great jobs of multitasking. Handling different jobs at the same time, has never been a problem for them. However, with relaxation comes this evil that makes you feel there is still more than enough time in the day and as such, forces you to procrastinate. If you are one of those people who would naturally procrastinate or overly be relaxed where there is no external force to caution you, then do not quit your office job or you will not get paid at all.

Sometimes, people just need something to ensure that they get up on time and take on the day’s work. If you are one of these people, you can get to the office and still do other freelance jobs if for anything. Knowing yourself and your capabilities is the first step in deciding your next move and knowing if you would get paid or not. 

  • Research

If you have decided that you would be diligent enough to quit your office job or move it to the freer platform, then the next plan is to do research. A number of jobs require your presence. For example, no matter how great you are as a medical practitioner, you absolutely cannot be away from your patient and get paid. The internet does not have the option to perform surgery on the cloud – at least not yet.

However, many jobs have gone freelance! Writers and editors do not have to gather in a physical space. You simply have to write and send via email. Software developers and web designers do not also have to meet in an office. All you need is to communicate the right information and you would get paid just as any other office staff would. Bottom-line is that there are too many freelance options and your job just might have one. All you have to do is run a good level of research and you are good to go.

  • Make the Switch

This is a very delicate step. While making the switch from a more conventional office job to a freelance or online job, you have to be extremely careful. First, you have to have gotten the job(s) that would assure you that you would get paid at the end of the month. The last thing you want to do is quit your source of income on a mere hunch or probability. If you have done a good level of research, you need not leave your career path. If you are a Tax preparer, you can switch and become a virtual tax consultant; if you work in a customer care centre, you can continue doing this even when you are miles away from your employer. That simple.

Also, sometimes you do not need to quit the job or the company you work for. Just politely ask if there is an avenue for a virtual role with the same job description. In order to get the most out of a home job, you should ensure that you have a fixed source of income. Rather than work on a client by client condition, you can get a fixed freelance job that you get paid from. For example, as a freelance writer or content, rather than source for clients on a daily basis, you can get stable payers that you write for monthly.

  • Optimize your options to make your job easier

Finally, being that the internet has made work easier, you must learn to use it to your advantage. Where you need to get clients, use social media to your advantage. Where you need professional assistance, YouTube could actually be of help or you could call your bosses. Since your job has become more flexible, your manner of approach to it should also be flexible.

If you work in a team and all of you are far apart, you can simply use video conferencing as a substitute to seeing each other. If you need to share files, you can make use of ‘Dropbox’ and have each team member contribute their own quota.

With these, you would easily get paid even when you are miles away from your employer.

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