The Best Home Office Ideas


The Best Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas

Many people tend to get excited when they hear about the possibility of working from home. For them, it takes them away from the normal and boring routine of the office environment and setting, and they also revel in the knowledge of the fact that they now have to work on pajamas instead of dressing to the teeth. They can see and spend time with their family anytime they want and they can schedule their own work time. But there are also lots of things that might mare this beautiful experience. The most important is that your home office idea determines the level of productivity, and if you are not the type that is self motivated, you might find it very difficult to succeed in a home office.

There are numerous home office ideas that you can capitalise on when you want to design your home office. But, as much as these ideas might differ from one person or designer to another according to style and preference, there are some universal facts that must be taken into consideration before your home office idea is declared suitable.

Essentials of any home office idea

The number one fact is that whichever home office idea you choose must have the essentials of an office. These include the desk that will have a very good work table and chair. The next are business-quality materials like your computer, monitor, internet connection, printer, scanner and other office and business tools.

Another issue that must be observed is the quietude and separation. There are some people who make the mistake of thinking that any space in the house can serve as a home office. You do not use your kitchen, store or even family room for this. You need a separate room that will give you the serenity you need. When you make use of a separate room where you can enter and shut the door, it will give you the impression that you are going for work and that you will be back when you are through with work. This sense of separation and quietness in the home office idea is very essential. You must treat this office like a real office if you intend to get proper results from whatever you do here.

You also have to adopt a work routine. You need to wake up in the morning, do your clean up and warm ups, say your prayers, have your morning coffee and then move to your home office as if you are going to the normal office. Have a work time and schedule, and do not break it and leave the office when you are through for the day. Your home office ideas must help you to avoid distractions.

You must adopt home office ideas that will make your personal life completely separate from your work life. This can be done by giving the office a completely different design from other parts of the home, so that whenever you are here, you know it is time for work.  On the other way round, reminders must also be used to always remind you when it is time to quit working. By this, I mean you must not let your work life encroach into your personal life. Overworking is not good here.

The home office idea you adopt must be one that will not attract your children to your office. Yes, you must have a notice on the door, informing them not to disturb when you are at work. But you have to help this by making sure that there is nothing appealing to your kids around your home office. There must be no creeping hours.

Because of the fact that you will always work here alone, there is the tendency for this physical remoteness to cause some mental isolation. Because of this, some form of life should also be designed into the home office. Making it too solemn might not be good.

Mistakes you must not make with your home office ideas

Of course, there are numerous home office ideas that you can draw inspiration from when you want to design your own home office. But before giving you these ideas, it will be good to sound this caveats to you. There are some things you must not do when you are considering the idea to use.

Never ignore the lighting

One mistake you will make is when you choose a home office idea that does not give preference to the office lighting. There are several things that we gain from lights apart from the visuals. Don’t rely on the overhead fluorescent lights only. No, the need for the task lamps placed on the desk will always arise. It can also be the massive type that hangs from the ceiling. If you incorporate this in your initial plan, it will save you a lot of costs, because you must need it in the long run.

Never scatter the cables

Because of the nature of lighting in the home office, coupled with the fact that your office of nowadays cannot function well without your electronics and computers, there will be a number of wires and cables needed for connections. But, you must not allow these to be very visible. Hide and conceal these cables as much as possible. The cable spaghetti will do you a lot of good here. Any home office design that does not take care of the cables risks a shabby office, with the cables presenting an eye saw and causing some distractions

Never ignore the walls and floor

This is one mistake many people make with their own home office ideas. Whichever type of concept or idea you want to adopt, it must not be one that the wall and floors are not properly designed. In fact, it is the design on the wall that makes the home office very inviting and alluring. The paint must be bright enough, and if you want to make use of prints, let it be the very inspiring ones, and always frame them before hanging them on the walls. The best floors are ones with beautifully patterned rugs to keep it warm. However, you must insure that the prints on the walls are not the distractive ones.

Never buy an uncomfortable chair

This is one problem many people run into, only to spend extra cash to correct it. It is good you avoid it from the onset. There are many hazards associated with seating in an uncomfortable chair, and you must avoid this. The chair you conceive for your home office must tally with the function. The form is less important here. Good office chairs have some essentials and your home office ideas must take this into consideration. The chair must have proper wheels, good seat depth, armrests, reclining seat back, and adjustable lumber support and height.

Never give room for embarrassing stare

When you are planning, the positions of whichever thing in the office must be your uppermost concern. But, apart from this, you have to insure that your window and computer set or desk is not facing each other. It distracts a lot.

Never ignore proper storage

You can design anything into your home office. But you must not forget the fact that everything will become a mess if there are no proper drawers to hide all that needs to be hidden.

Home office design ideas

There are numerous ideas used by designers, and you can draw inspiration from these. We have creative, cool, elegant view, outdoor and many more.

Creative home office ideas

When you pay a visit to the men who are into the creative industry, you will discover that there is always a touch of creativity when it comes to their home office ideas. Here, you can immediately pick up what their inspiration is, as it will be written all over the home office. An example of a creative home office idea is given below.

Creative home office ideas

Beautiful home office ideas

It is very easy to argue that the concept of beauty simply lies in the eye of the beholder. But this is not to say that there are no universal principles for beauty. In the recent past, it has been discovered that when the home workplace is cleaner and more comfortable, it inspires the worker to concentrate and achieve. This is beauty in its peak.  On the other hand, the poor or messy home office idea will simply put off anybody at all and will kill productivity. A look at the image below will simply tell you that this is beautiful.

Beautiful home office ideas

Cool home office ideas

A home office idea can be very cool, especially when it does not come with excessive designs and furnishing and when it is set in an environment that is reminiscent of quietude. Below is an example of such.

Cool home office ideas

Solitary and contemplative home office ideas

There are some times when we need to get our work done in an environment that offers us that quiet contemplation and deep concentration. Here, we are inspired to higher planes and greater ideas. Sometimes, this becomes necessary when we work on difficult and intellectually tasking projects or when we just want to conceive new ideas. They are always organized with neutral tones and made free of clutter. A free wall in a small corner beneath a window can do this magic.

Figurine and comic home office ideas

It has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that when you surround yourself with those things that you like and things that inspire you in life, you will find it difficult to run out of creativity or ideas. There are people that are madly in love with comic characters, and they feel comfortable when they work in environments that are laden with these. People that work within the arts and creative industry can draw a lot of passions when they work in home offices that are filled with images of figurine and comic characters. An example is given below.

Figurine and comic home office ideas


Funky home office ideas

There are also some artistic work places that are not necessarily figurine. You have to know that when we talk about home office ideas, it does not consummate in office ideas for clerical offices. It involves arts, sports, design and all forms of offices. A funky home office idea like the one below will be a great source of inspiration and comfort for many artists.

Funky home office ideas

Great views home office ideas

This is perhaps the one that needs a lot of maturity to handle. There are office ideas that are set in environments where you are directly faced with a great view of the outside. It looks so alluring that a 5 minutes gaze into the scene will immediately inspire you. It can get emotional sometimes.

Great views home office ideas

Outdoor home office ideas

This is perhaps the cheapest to assemble. But it can also be the most productive when it is properly handled. Just find a space outside your home where you will not be distracted, and you can see productivity rolling in. See image below.

Outdoor home office ideas


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