What Are the Benefits of Marriage?

Benefits of Marriage

Ordinarily, there are many married people that would have remained unmarried if not because of the benefits of marriage. Indeed, marriage which is a union of two adults gives some social, health, sexual, economic and emotional benefits. Here are some of the important benefits of marriage to both the society and individuals.

Benefits of Marriage

Social benefit of marriage

Marriage perpetuates the human race as well as the life of a society. The society and human life will definitely cease to exist if there is no marriage because it brings a man and woman together and gives them legal right to make and raise children. Marriage is therefore very crucial for the perpetuation of human life in the society.

Marriage is a perfect way of having a lifetime companion:

Many people go into marriage because they are looking for a life companion. In the contemporary society, there are other means of finding a life companion such as co-habitation. But traditionally, marriage is the only acceptable one. Besides, there are lots of ethical issues associated with other means of having a companion. Virtually, all religion and cultures accept marriage as the only valid means of establishing a union between two adults mainly men and women.

Legal means of establishing a family:

A family is defined as the smallest unit of a society. It could be called the cell or nucleus of the society. It is therefore impossible for the society to exist without families. But marriage remains the only valid means of establishing this important part of a society.

Marriage helps to prevent crime in the society:

If there is no marriage, cases of rape, adolescent pregnancy, sexual promiscuity, abortion, theft and others will be on the increase. Marriage helps to prevent these crimes. Some men and women enter into marriage in order to get sexual satisfaction and avoid sexual promiscuity. Parents join hands together in training their children to become responsible persons in the societies.

Economic benefits of marriage

Benefits of Marriage

Marriage gives some economic benefits to the couple. Married couple work together for the progress of their family. They pull their finances together for the good of their families. Besides, in some societies, married couples especially couples with children are paid by the government. Most employers also give more benefits to married employees. So, married couples are more likely to get larger income than single individual.

Health benefits of marriage

There is no doubt that some people will be surprised to hear that marriage gives some health benefits. It has been proved through several studies that married couples are happier and live longer than unmarried couples. Single individuals are more depressed and stressed up than married couple and this weighs heavily on their lives.

A study conducted in Norway showed that single and divorced male cancer patients have higher mortality rate than married men. Besides, married couples comfort and look after each other during sickness or moment of difficulty. This will help to facilitate recuperation.

Sexual satisfaction

Studies carried in Britain in 2006 discovered that married men have better sexual life than unmarried men. The sexual lives of men from 38 countries were reviews during the studies.

Indeed, marriage is very important and gives a lot of benefits as mentioned above.


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