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When it comes to vacations, only a few people know how to do it in style. Others simply wind up paying for low quality or over-priced services without enjoying the benefits. Across the United States and all over the world, there are countless spots that offer utmost relaxation for you and your family members or lover. The problem actually lies in finding the right ones that will offer you the right mix of quality, relaxation and sometimes cost. However, it is necessary to understand that there is no such thing as cheap quality. So if you want the best, you should be ready to spend for the best and ultimately accept nothing less than the best.

luxury vacation rentals

From beaches, to cabins, to tourists’ attractions; there are so many places you could rent to ensure you have a mind blowing experience. What’s more, you could rent them out for your proposals, birthday parties, weddings and all those important events you would never want to forget. From Dubai to Honolulu and all the way to Africa; here are some wonderful luxury vacation rentals that would leave you breathless.

From the heated patios,  landscaped pathways, to a pool fed by a stream cascading over sculptured rock, and a magnificent view of the valley below; this spot will leave you in awe! Its height keeps you at the peak of nature at its best and combines the tranquillity of greenness with a state of the art technological affinity.

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This Cabin or mountain home has a stairway of hardwood and custom wrought iron, coastal timber with copper facing, fireplaces with log mantles, granite and river rock surfaces and custom millwork and a lot more! All originally made. The chalet also comes with a hot tub, four bedrooms, ski in access; all at additional costs of course. So depending on your budget, you can have the time of your life and never want to leave.

This is also another cabin rental to suit your hunger for luxury vacation rentals. This is a number one spot for a family vacation. It is a simple cabin that is basically placed in the middle of the woods but its interior will literally sweep you off your feet. Here are some of its specifics: plank ceilings, 4,600 square foot home, a Zen garden, a retractable roof, a professional kitchen, elegant dining area, spacious living spaces etc. It has that Mexican aura to it and it would leave you constantly thirsty for the good life.

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Imagine a small house naturally lit from all sides by framed windows and French doors that open to Japanese-inspired gardens and right in the centre of the family room, an atrium that opens to the sun and stars through 400 square feet of glass panels!! I am sure you get the message already. This is one of those luxury vacation rentals that would leave you thanking your maker for life.

Hawaii is known for its tropical rain forests, gorgeous white-sand beaches, pristine waters and breath-taking mountain views, and very cultural people. It is a one of a kind tourist destination. In Hawaii, one of the top vacation rentals is Best of Old Hawai’i. This is a small condo that is perfect for a couple. Its features include: Saltwater swimming pool overlooking a golf course, a Lava rock hot tub, Punalu’u Black Sands beach, 2 Black sand beaches, cozy living room and bedrooms, gentleman coffee plantations, macadamia nut farms, cattle ranches and more! If you would like to go on a vacation with your lover, this is the perfect getaway zone.

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Crystal Beach is located in the Bolivar Peninsula census-designated place, in Galveston County, Texas, United States. It is also known as Patton and it stretches 7 miles (10 km) along Texas State Highway 87 in the middle of Bolivar Peninsula. You have an option to go fishing, enjoy with friends at a Tiki Beach Bar and Grill, watch the sunset over the beach water and so on.

You just need to rent an apartment for you and your friends and you would be sure to have an unbeatable vacation. It is a great spot for your kid’s parties and small weddings. Definitely one of the best luxury vacation rentals ever.

It is roughly 75 miles long and 10 miles across, the Door Peninsula points off the northeast coast of Wisconsin into Lake Michigan. You can check out Land of lighthouses, enjoy Door County’s performing arts, check out Whitefish Dunes State Park, enjoy Shoreline scenic cruises, The Ridges Sanctuary, explore Washington Island, have a picnic on Rock Island, Door County wineries, go to some of their iconic restaurants, use the Cave Point County Park and on and on.

There is no better way to watch the sunrise and sunset over the water. Without leaving the county, you get to see tons of acres of orchards, explore art galleries, enjoy delicacies, have a go at their local wines and brews, stroll through five state parks or go on tours to 11 historic lighthouses. It is one of those exceptional and fully comprehensive luxury vacation rentals. Perfect for a full group or a team of friends or for social events. If you have travelled the world and you have not gone here, well, you have not gone anywhere.


Across the globe there are numerous relaxation spots out for rent. Too many things to do with friends and family members. In order to find these luxury vacation rentals, you can do research, call travel agents of specific states and countries or go through some of these sites that specialize in displaying luxury vacation rentals online:

This will ensure that you are not scammed or swindled and that you get only the best deals for all luxury vacation rentals you sign up for.

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