Bathroom and Kitchen Clean Up Tips

Clean Up

If you love a spotless house, here are some house clean up tips that will help you achieve that sparkling clean. The trick is not to wait till the week end to do the cleaning on the whole house. Doing chores in bulk can be very discouraging because of the amount of time and energy that would be required to clean up the whole house. Create a chore wheel that gives you one room per day to intensively clean. This way you are able to pay more attention to the surfaces you are cleaning as opposed to cruising through a huge workload.

Bathroom Clean up

Clean up tip for the bathroom is to use lemon oil to make the glass crystal clear. Lemon removes stains on glass surfaces impeccably. It also leaves a pleasant smell in the bathroom. Use the same lemon oil to remove smudges on the bathroom mirrors. Remember to use a cloth that does not fluff off as it will leave fabric fragments on the glass surface. The best way to clean a curtain liner is by putting it in the washing machine with towels. The towels will help in scrubbing the curtain liner through contact. You could also through in a small amount of disinfectant to make contact with it when showering feel less gross. If you have anything with concentration of citric acid in your kitchen like the tang drink mix put it in the toilet bowl. This will keep it smelling fresher during the day. It is also a better way sanitize since it is not toxic like commercial toilet bowl cleaners.

Bathroom drains are prone to blockage. Ensure that any hair that drops off to the sink and the floor is disposed off immediately after grooming. Those tiny harmless looking strands of hair could build up into a disaster in making. There is nothing grosser than showering in a flooding bathroom.

Clean Up


Kitchen Clean Up

A kitchen clean up tip you can use is to always pay special attention to the stove. Since it is the most used appliance in the kitchen and the nature of it use, it is impossible to find food spills and crumbs after cooking. Start by soaking the knobs and drip pans so that by the time you are done cleaning the surface, the stains in the pans will be easier to scrub off. Soak then in warm lemon solution. The kitchen sink can be a health risk if it is not cleaned regularly. In fact, it can harbor more germs that the toilet seat. A simple blockage could trap all the food particles going down the sink and in time, the decomposing foods produce bacterial germs. A household fix for that would be a warm water solution of vinegar and lemon. The warm water and vinegar gets rid of the grease and the lemon prevents the drain pipes from stinking. Another clean up tip is to use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. They do not leave particles on surfaces and are reusable.

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