The Basics of Engagement Photos


The Basics of Engagement Photos

The Basics of Engagement Photos


When two people agree to enter into a marital union, the couple is said to be engaged. So, engagement refers to a couple’s agreement to get married. It is an essential aspect of marriage and thus should be celebrated. In most cultures and societies, engagement is highly celebrated in merriment with great music, rich cuisine and good wine. Just like wedding, rings are used to symbolize it though the practice differs from one country to another. In some western countries like in the US only the women wear engagement rings. In other words, men engage their women with rings but they don’t wear any engagement rings themselves. But in some cultures both genders wear rings as a sign of their engagements. If you are engaged with a lady, it is important that you take some engagement photos. It will be useful to you. Unfortunately many couples got engaged without deeming it wise to take some engagement photos. What they have to show about their relationship is only their wedding photos. Wedding photos cannot take the place of engagement photos. Engagement forms part of your wedding but it constitutes a separate chapter in your love story and thus you should have some photos to show for it. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider taking and keeping your engagement photos.

As it has been said above, engagement constitutes a major part your wedding. If you prepare for it very well, it will take some load off your shoulder during the preparation of your wedding. Take time to choose a good photographer to take your engagement photographs. If you are able to get a good photographer, you will hire the same person during your wedding ceremony. This means that you will not go through the stress of searching for a good and reliable photographer again. Besides, if things work out well between you and the photographer, you will establish a long term relationship with the person days ahead of your wedding. This will surely make a difference in the quality of photos you will get during your wedding. You will be able to find out how experienced the photographer is on time.

As it has been said above, your engagement day is an important day in your love story. If you are writing your love story, it should constitute a chapter. Such an important day should have something to remember it with as well as the events that took place that day. If you take engagement photos, you will keep them as memorabilia. They will help you to narrate your love story to your children and grand children. A good number of couples normally get engaged in their secret places or places that they normally see each during their dating days. Such places include restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, colleges, museums, zoo, movie theater and similar places. Your engagement photos will remind you of these wonderful days, the nice time you had with your lover and all you have passed through before going down the aisle with your lover. There is the tendency of losing these memories if you have nothing to remind you of them. This is why it is important that you take your engagement photos.

Each period in history has its own fashion. There is a fashion that is in vogue during your engagement period. Your attire on your engagement day will definitely reflect the fashion of the day. If you have your engagement photos, your future generation will be able to tell or have an idea of what the fashion of your time was. If the park or restaurants or any other place where you got engaged has been renovated or has been demolished and moved to another place, your engagement photos will also help your children to have an idea of what the society was like or how the place was initially before it was renovated . In other words, keeping your engagement photos is not only beneficial to you but also to your future generation. They are historical evidence as far as your love story is concerned. So, ensure that you take your engagement photos and preserve them.

You can put your engagement photos into different use. First, you can use them to make awesome invites for your wedding. Nowadays, people normally design their wedding invitations with their engagement photos. So, if you want to add style to your invite and let people know that your marriage is not a journey started in a day, you can include your engagement photos in your wedding invites. If you are announcing your wedding via your local newspaper, there are no better photos to use than your engagement photos. You can also create an album with your engagement photos or use them to create a collage which you can use as wall art in your home. You can also use them as gifts. Parents normally love to look at the photos of their children. So, you can give some as gifts to your parents. They will surely appreciate them and show their friends. Your engagement photos should be one of the photos that you have to upload on your social media page if you have account in any of the social networking sites like Facebook. You can share them with your friends. They are good images to use on Pininterest. You can also use them to make money if you like. There are some sites that collect nice photos and pay the owners of the photos. If you have awesome engagement photos, you can upload them in any of such sites in order to see if any person will buy them and get you paid for that.

You can see from the above that there are a number of reasons why you should take and keep your engagement photos. Given this, when you and your partner are taking your engagement photos, it is important that you do it very well. Hire a good reputable and professional photographer and take good poses. The photos will be of great use to you. Below are some of the places where engagement photos can be taken.

Places to take engagement pictures

There are a number of environments where you can engage your partner and have your engagement photos taken.

Your home

Your home is one of the best places to engage your partner and take photos. If you are engaging in your home, there are different poses to take. You can take photos when you are on bed with your partner, when both of your are preparing some meal, when you’re in your outdoor environment or pool if you have any in your home or in your garden when both of you are doing some little work there or as you are relaxing and sipping some glass of wines with her in your living room.

Parks or during picnic

The parks are good places to get engage to your lover especially if you want to engage her secretly or without giving her any prior information. You can go on a date with your love to her favorite park and engage her there as both of you explore the park. However, you should make arrangement earlier on with a photographer that will take some shots. Once, your partner accepts your marriage proposal, then you can signal to the photographer to come and take photos.

Restaurants and bars

Most couples got engaged in restaurants and bars. They are one of the favorite places to get engage to your lover. Present your engagement ring to her as you propose to her. If she says yes, it is time to take several shots which can serve as good memorabilia.

No matter where you want to take your engagement photo, you should ensure that you are on your best attire. If you want it to look casual, you should be on your best casual wear also.

When to take days

There are some days to take engagement photos. If you are taking engagement photos, here are some proper days to take some engagement photos.

On your engagement day proper

You should take some photos on your engagement day and you have to be on your best attire, likewise your partner.

Photos for announcement of engagement and wedding

If you want to announce your engagement in your local newspaper, then you have to take some photos with your partner few days before sending them to the local newspaper. You should also do the same if you want to announce your wedding via your local newspaper.

When ordering for your wedding invitation

You can also hire a photographer to take some photos you will use for your wedding invites.

Things to consider when taking engagement photos

Before you take your engagement photos, there are certain things that you should put into consideration. The first thing to do is to determine where you will like to take your engagement photos as well as how you will like the photos to look. Do you want them to be formal, candid or casual? Do you want to take them in the restaurants, home, parks or during a picnic? Whatever be the case, your decision should be guided by what you will like to do with your engagement photos afterwards. So, plan for it on time and then take shots in various styles that will serve your purpose. Be on your best attire. While taking poses, you and your partner should try to be close and not keep wide apart from each other.


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