Basic Information about Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Basic Information about Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the widely used floor covering materials in many families today. It is a type of floor covering that composes of thick pieces of heavy fabric which is normally made of pile or nap. One problem with carpets is that they can be stained. The process through which stains, sand, grit, allergens and dirt are removed from carpets is known as carpet cleaning. Besides dirt removal, carpet cleaning is done for beautification reasons. Some people ordinarily hire carpet cleaning services in order to enhance the beauty of their floor. Over the years, various carpet cleaning technologies have been developed. Before taking a look at the different cleaning technologies and methods, it is pertinent to first talk about the importance of carpet cleaning.

The importance of carpet cleaning

If you are using carpets in your home, it is highly important that you hire carpet cleaning services occasionally if you cannot clean your carpet by yourself. Manufacturers of various carpets advise users to clean their carpets. Well cleaned carpets have better visual appearance than dirty ones. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring carpet cleaning services.

Better look

As a floor covering, carpets are easily stained because they are exposed to various kinds of stains such as oil or wine spills. Matching on your carpet with dirt feet also stains your carpet. So, it is difficult to avoid staining your carpet. When your carpet is stained or dirtied, its appearance will be poor. Dirt or stain therefore destroys the beauty of your carpet. The best way of getting rid of stains from your carpet is by hiring carpet cleaning services. In other words, carpet cleaning helps to improve the look of your carpet. You should occasionally clean your carpet thoroughly well in order to better its look.

Enhance your home hygiene

Carpet cleaning gives some health benefits. Dirty carpet exposes you to infection and disease. When your carpet is dirty, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms will have a favourable environment to develop. If you do not clean your carpet, you are exposing yourself to health risk. As you match on your carpet, there is the probability of the microorganisms getting into your system and causing you some health problems. Children are the most vulnerable to this problem. Children need to stay in a clean environment. The put anything they pick from the floor inside their mouth. So, it is highly necessary that you clean your carpet in order to maintain a high home hygiene.

Better durability

Manufacturers of carpets recommend carpet cleaning for better durability. Carpets that are cleaned more often last longer than carpet that are rarely cleaned. Accumulation of dirt, sand and debris on carpets does not only destroy the look of the carpet, it also weakens the quality of the carpet. For example, the texture of a carpet is affected when there is accumulation of sand on it. Sand causes scratches on carpet and this can make it to tear easily. So, if you want your carpet to last longer for you, it is important that you clean it regularly.

Carpet cleaning technologies

Hot water extraction

hot-water extraction Carpet Cleaning

As implicit from the name, this is a carpet cleaning technology in which hot water mixed with cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet using certain equipment. The cleaning machine also vacuums the carpet at the same time getting rid of dirt, stain and any foreign bodies accumulated on the carpet. This method is very effective in getting rid of stain.

Most people misunderstand hot water extract cleaning technology with steam. What is sprayed on the carpet by the cleaning machine is not steam but hot water. Steams are very hot and can damage the materials or fibres used in making the carpets especially manmade carpet fibres.

Hot water cleaning method has some advantages over other types of carpet cleaning. First, it does not leave any detergent residues on the carpet which is the problem encountered in some cleaning methods. Detergent residues on carpet traps dirt and creates favourable environment for the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.  So, if you are looking for effective carpet cleaning method, you should consider hot water extraction method.

Detergents and other cleaning chemicals are not normally used in hot water extraction cleaning method. When it is used, only fewer quantity is mixed with the hot water. This makes it the right option for people that want to go green or avoid exposure to chemicals especially families with children. Children play and toddle on the carpet. Using hot water extraction to clean carpet makes them less vulnerable or exposed to chemicals.

Hot water extraction method has its own disadvantage. One problem of hot water extraction is that it does not get rid of all the water sprayed on the carpet. Not drying all the water sprayed on the carpet has some negative consequence. First, it makes the carpet to become very slippery. Under such condition, it is very risky for children and even adults to walk or run on it. It can cause sliding or skidding which can lead to serious injury. Besides, it creates a favourable condition for fungi such as mildew and mould to develop in your home. It is said that mould is everywhere but in inactive state. It can only start developing when there is a favourable condition. When there is high humidity in a home that is wet, mould will definitely start to develop.

Mould does not just destroy the appearance of your carpet or certain items in your home, it is not good to health as well. To ensure that moisture left after water extract cleaning method is utilised, you have to open the windows of your home or put on the ventilation systems. This will help to facilitate the drying of the water. When there is proper ventilation, the moisture left after cleaning does not constitute much problem because it will quickly dry.

Types of water extraction carpet cleaning machines

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines are available in a number of types. There are small sized hot water extract machines specifically meant for home use. There are bigger sized machines meant for commercial uses. This is the type used by carpet cleaning businesses. Apart from difference in sizes, they also differ in their features. There is truck mounted hot water extraction equipment which is suitable for places without electricity. There is also hand-pushed or portable carpet cleaning equipment. It is plugged directed in electric outlet. It normally comes with a long hose so that it can be pushed to various parts of the room without unplugging it from the electric socket.

Dry carpet cleaning technology

dry cleaning Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning technology makes use of special carpet cleaning machine in order to dry-clean a carpet.  In this method of carpet cleaning, dry compounds are used together with cleaning solutions. It gives rise to very little or no moisture. This is why it is called dry cleaning method. This type of carpet cleaning system comes with some features that give it an edge over other carpet cleaning methods. Here are some of the advantages of dry carpet cleaning method.

Cleaning with dry cleaning systems is faster than cleaning with hot water extraction equipment. It is not labour-intensive like hot water extraction. Little or no moisture is left after the cleaning. So, the drying time is remarkably very low.

Dry compound cleaning

In this method, a cleaning compound that is biodegradable is evenly spread on the carpet before it is scrubbed or brushed. Hand brush can be used for the scrubbing if the area to be cleaned is not much. But for industrial or commercial purposes, the brushing is done with a special counter-rotating brushing machine. No vacuum cleaner is required when the machine is used. But if the machine is not used, the vacuum is used to get rid of dirt. The dry compound traps dirt and debris when it is sprayed on the carpet. After brush, the vacuum is utilised to get rid of the debris and dirt.


Carpet Cleaning Encapsulation

In encapsulation carpet cleaning method, certain types of polymers which are capable of trapping dirt and debris are sprayed on the carpet. The residue is vacuumed after the cleaning solution has been sprayed with a rotary machine, compression sprayer or brush application. Encapsulation method of cleaning carpet helps to improve the appearance of carpets better than most other carpet cleaning methods.

Other carpet cleaning methods are:

  • bonnet carpet cleaning
  • shampoo cleaning
  • dry foam carpet cleaning
  • household cleaning process
  • vacuum carpet cleaning method

As you can see from the above, there are different ways of cleaning carpet nowadays. Some of the methods are just recently invented and are more standardise than others that have been used traditionally. But each of the method is unique. Each method has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. There are many factors that will determine the best carpet cleaning method for a person. In other words, a carpet cleaning method may be good for a person but not good for another person.

Carpet cleaning services

Nowadays, there are many businesses that provide carpet cleaning services to both commercial establishments that need it. If you want to hire the service of a carpet cleaning business, it is important you hire a professional service provider. Also ensure that the service provider makes use of organic cleaning solution or any approved cleaning solution. Some cleaning solutions are very harmful and are not approved. They can also destroy your carpet easily.


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