Bad Parents, where they all go wrong

Bad Parents

Every parent tries to make the best out of their children. Bringing up a child is not always easy and since there is no guide book on what to do and what not to do, more often than not we find ourselves making mistakes in parenting. This does not mean however that you are a bad parent, what makes one a bad parent is making numerous of these mistakes such that you affect the life of your child.


Many parents commit these parenting offences without even realizing it. One of the most common mistakes parents make is yelling. Yea, children can at times be a source of stress and since we are human beings, we are allowed to lose our tempers once in a while. However bad the mistake made by your kid however, never ever yell at him or her. Yelling never solves issues if anything it only sets a bad example to the child. If you feel you are so mad, it is always better to cool down first before talking to your child. Yelling to a young child creates fear and the feeling of apprehension, worse still it may create the picture that yelling is the only way of letting go of anger. Yelling to a teenager on the other hand is a common cause of rebellion in them. Being a parent gives you lots of responsibilities over your child but it does not give you a right to disrespect him or her. Yelling, speaking in harsh and angry tones and insulting children are acts of disrespect.

Not getting involved in Children’s Live

The other common mistake that parents make is not getting involved in their children’s lives. This, when it continues for a long time makes you a stranger to your child’s life and definitely if you do not know what is happening in his or her life, there is no way you can be of use in times of trouble. Being involved in your child’s life from an early age makes you more than a parent, it makes you a friend when the child grows into a teenager, he or she will be more comfortable sharing their problems with you. While it is a good thing to be a friend to your child, trying too much to be a friend instead of a parent can be a cause of problems especially if your child is a teenager. While being friendly is good, a parent should always ensure to put above all parenting responsibilities.

Not Being Consistent

Other common parenting mistakes that make the difference between bad parents and good parents include not being consistent; ensure to reprimand your child every time he or she repeats a mistake. Also important, do not preach water and drink wine. Being a parent makes you a role model and as a role model you have the responsibility of leading by example.

No Discipline

Not disciplining children is another mistake parents make. Disciplining children make them know that actions have consequences; not disciplining them on the other hand makes them grow into selfish, spoilt people. It makes them unable to make friends or co exist peacefully with others.

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