How to Avoid Sex Diseases in Sexually Active People

Sex Diseases



Abstinence is always the safest way to go about avoiding sex diseases. However, if you have crossed that bridge already, there are available avenues to a long and healthy sex life. In a bid to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, you first need to know yourself and your partner. After understanding the players in the game, the next thing you need to do is to understand the rules and in this case the safety rules. Make it tradition to always have safe sex. Sexual intercourse is said to be safe when barriers are used as opposed to exposed contact otherwise known as direct contact of the genitalia. There is a scientific explanation to this method of avoiding sex diseases. Since all sexually transmitted diseases are transferred from one person to the other through body fluids, containing such fluid in a membrane reduces the risk of infection. Notice that the operating word is ‘reduces’ the risk. This means that using a condom is not a hundred percent full proof protection. Use of protection during intimacy should be consistent. Sex diseases can also be transmitted during oral sex. Therefore, dental dams and condoms can be used for protection against such transmissions.


Most infections happen because of lack of information. To avoid sex diseases through ignorance, you and your partner should make it a habit to get tested regularly. If one partner is found to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease, it is wise to stop any sexual activity until the disease has been fully treated. The reason for this is because if a couple stays sexually active when one of them has a sex disease, it will be passed back and forth making it impossible to eradicate it completely even if treatment is underway. Something else that will reduce risks of contracting sex diseases in a relationship is to insist on exclusivity. Being in a monogamous relationship reduces the risks of passing a sex disease from one partner to another. In case any of the persons in the love triangle is infected, the rest of the people in the triangle are likely to get infected as well. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain a healthy sex life if only two people are involved. Maintaining that kind of trust between partners encourages honesty which is crucial in avoiding sex diseases in a relationship.

Plan Early

Another way to avoid sex diseases is planning early. Given the nature of intimacy and passion, it is possible to slip up in the heat of the moment. That might be something that is out of your hands but planning ahead helps to mitigate any recklessness. If you are going out on a date or hitting the club for some happy hour, ensure that you carry protection beforehand. Ladies can have can make space for some condoms in their makeup clutch since it does not take much space anyway. Guys can toss a few in their wallets for that moment of heat of passion. It is also clever to have protection strategically placed in ‘red district’ areas like in the car and in the office draws. Well, this technique might prove quite unsuitable for a couple with kids; you know how curious they can get. The only other alternative available in such a situation is simply discipline. Not allowing yourselves to get carried away risking contracting sex diseases.

Sex Diseases

Most people prefer spontaneous intimacy which might be a human flaw but it helps when the more self-controlled partner to talk to the other about the tremendous merits of safer sex. Make it top agenda when building your relationship. The best way to do this is to insist on ‘the talk’ as soon as courting begins. Once the standards are set that high from the beginning, it makes safe sex easier to implement when official dating begins. In fact, before engaging n the first intimate moment, make sure that both of you get tested first so that you start the relationship on a clean slate. Do not wait for the sex diseases to come before you take control of your sex life. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Single people are at greater risk of infection because of the freedom in their sex lives. Most mingling avenues for single people would most likely be in the club or in a house party. In order to protect yourself from infection of sex diseases, it is wise to avoid over consumption of alcohol and taking of any other drugs that impair rational judgment. Furthermore, negotiating safe sex with an intoxicated person might prove difficult. Drinking of alcohol could also lead to vomiting of birth control pills leaving you at risk of unwanted conception. Do not be afraid to say no to an unwanted sexual advance, especially if you are not prepared for safe sex.

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