Amazing Family Photo Ideas for You

family photo ideas

Amazing Family Photo Ideas for You

Family Photo Ideas


Family photos have several uses and significance. But no matter the reason for your family photo, it must look very beautiful, purposeful and must also radiate love. Many people get confused on what to wear, what pose to take and even the location to use whenever there is time for the family photos. Do you even know that many families do not have adequate family photos due to deficiency in family photo ideas? As much as the family photo ideas are common sense issues where rocket science is not needed to get it right, there is still need for people to be given this information, so as to get it right whenever they move out to take the family photos.

Choosing a family photographer

If you want fantastic family photo ideas, you have to bring people that have such great ideas around you, and the first person among them is the photographer.  There are some photographers that are endowed with intelligent and artistic mind. They will not only give you great ideas, but will also work on your own crude family photo ideas, so as to elaborate and make them Grande. However, going for the uber-expensive photographers with very high rates does not guarantee you great ideas.

When choosing a family photographer, you must remember that the result of whichever idea you choose will be dependent on how your children are comfortable with it. The advice here is that you look out for the photographer that can work with your children. If you have one who already knows and plays with them, great. If not, choose the kind of men that your kids will be comfortable and friendly with either by composure or look. This is very important. This is as important as any other thing in getting the best family photos, and your chosen family photo ideas must consider this.

Another thing you need to do in choosing the photographer is to have a very good look at his or her catalogue or samples. This will insure that the types of concepts you are looking for is what he or she offers. From what he or she has done before, you can now coin your own family photo ideas. Remember, sometimes we might have these concepts inside us, but expressing them clearly becomes a problem.

Family photo ideas (what to wear)

Family Photo Ideas


Your family photo ideas hinge on and are most succinctly expressed by what you wear. Your dressing sends the whole message and defines the idea. But there are DOs and DON’Ts in this aspect, or else you will present wacky family photos. You must remember that the days when people taking family pictures are expected to be in uniform is completely gone. Do not think in this direction again. The issue of all your male kids being on their white shirts and blue jeans every time you want to take family photos is completely old. There are planned photos where your family will be in different natural colors and still make a great family photo. The difference in color does no harm, as they still look coordinated. As much as you don’t need to be in uniform, the best family photo ideas will still involve some sort of color combination. For instance, if you are taking the picture standing against a wall, you must consider the color of the wall while dressing. Again, if you have the intention of creating a gallery wall to hang your photos, you also need to consider the color of the wall when making the combination.

For the best family photo ideas, you have to establish a base color and then combine it with one or two other colors. If grey is your base color, then you can accent with turquoise or yellow? But again, the accent color must not be worn by all. The men might just do some grey and black, while the ladies will do the color splashing.

Layered clothing makes the family photos thick. You need to practice this. Wearing of plain shirts with jackets or sweaters on top will do. You can also give your sons a button up with a long sleeve shirt inside. But here, rolling up the sleeves makes it more attractive. You will also have the best photos if you make a combination of color and patterns. Plaid shirts and pattern T shirts brings out the visual appeal. Another good family photo idea here is to make sure your family personality is incorporated. This will come with clothing like scarves, leg warmers, hats and even necklaces. The cardinal point of the whole thing is to wear what you are comfortable on. This will make you feel comfortable on the pictures. If you don’t like exposing your legs because you feel they aren’t so cute, hide them with something long.

The rule here is that for you to have great family photos, never match the colors, like allowing all guys to wear khaki and white tops. The next is that you must not allow everyone to go on a particular color or even a particular fabric. This might be looked at as being cute some 20 years ago; it isn’t at the moment, so ditch it. Never give the guys the suites and ties and the ladies some formal wears. This is no official duty, and making family photos look formal destroys the natural aspect of the whole show. Try and avoid this. Another great part of family photo ideas is not to allow your husband, wife or kids to come to the picture stand wearing shirts that have very bold logos or some clear and distracting pictures on them. These shirts will not only take away the attention from the family, it will also confine your picture to a particular milieu and take away the “age long” or “timeless” look. Take care not to wear off fashion shoes. Don’t make them too colorful either.


Location for your family photos

The locations are part of what makes your family photos thick. The best family photo ideas put the photos in memorable locations. One photographer was exhibiting his works and he said, “This is where the couple met and dated before marriage. They want it incorporated in their family photos.” It made sense. What about that? There comes a time when you get tired of those traditional family photo ideas that normally happen in your sitting room, at the garden and even in front of the church. There are new ideas that come up everyday, and they give great photos

Some family photo ideas

Everyday life

Family Photo Ideas

James and Jane got married in 2004 and they now have two kids. Now, James has the habit of throwing the last kid up every morning before he engages in his morning walkout. When it was time for the family photos, Jane told James to throw the kid up the normal way he does it every morning, while she and their first issue watches. This was done, and to the fascination of every body, the family photo which was taken at the garden looks great. It was so natural and radiates the family love. It is a great and unique family photo idea.

The beach

Amazing Family Photo Ideas for You

How many times have you been to the beach this year with your family? Many times right? Yet you have not figured that using the opportunity to make a family photo is a great idea. With those bare toes and un-planed pose, coupled with the casual dressing, you will be surprised at how much the outcome of the picture will reflect your family. It will be as natural as whatever you can think of, and I don’t think any other family photo idea will beat this.


There are landmarks in town that you will forever cherish. We are not talking about the Statue of Liberty and London Bridge here. It must not be that huge. That community church or sports center that you and your family have contributed so much in building can still be the best location or idea for you family photos. While many people will like to photo-shop these landmarks into an already taken image or to use them as backgrounds of the portraits, taking the photos at the original location beats all these.

Photo studio

Amazing Family Photo Ideas for You


There are some great Photo studios in your location that are equipped with all that it takes to give you and your family great photos. Try them out sometime and allow them to use their expertise in giving you the best family photos. The good thing about this is that you do not have anything to fear about bad weather and lighting. They will give you the best of these.

In the house

Amazing Family Photo Ideas for You

Yea, while there are many other locations where the family photos can be taken, the number one family photo idea starts from the home. The kids can never be more comfortable in any other place than your house. This is where the heart is and the symbol of your family is represented by the home. However, any place at all can serve as family photo location. It only depends on the idea and concept that backs it up.

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