There are various Scholarships sponsored by Coca-Cola, but the commonest is the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship. The Coca-Cola scholarship is governed by Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and yearly, they support more than 1,400 college students each year with annual scholarships of around $3.4 million. This scholarship is a merit-based award that is given to graduating high school seniors who intend going to college.

 coca cola scholarship

Each year since 1989, 150 high school seniors have received $20,000 through this award program. The scholarship focusses on students who are leaders academically and also leaders when it comes to offering specific socially responsible services. The mission of the Coca-Cola scholarship program is: “To provide scholarship programs and lifelong enrichment opportunities in support of exceptional peoples’ thirst for knowledge and their desire to make a difference in the world”, and, over time, they have been ensuring just that.

Year-in Year-out, many students apply for the scholarship and a number get in. Since 1989, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has helped dreams come true for thousands of students. The top five schools that the coca cola scholarship foundation partners with or admits into are: Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Princeton.  With immense support from Coca-Cola Bottlers and The Coca-Cola Company, the non-profit Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is one of the largest business-supported scholarship programs in the United States.

For those who would want to partake in the Coca-Cola scholarship, there are a few guidelines and qualification criteria that has to be followed and met adequately. Application process is still on till October 31st of this year so anybody can still sign up. Here are some of the things you need to note to get a coca cola scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Before learning how to get the Coca-Cola scholarship, you need to be certain that you are eligible for it. Here is a summary of the criteria you need to meet before you can apply for the coca cola scholarship as stated by the coca cola scholarship foundation:

Applicants must be:

  • Current high school (or home-schooled) seniors attending school in the United U.S.
  • Citizens, U.S. Nationals, U.S. Permanent Residents, Refugees, Asylees, Cuban-Haitian Entrants, or Humanitarian Parolees
  • Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of application
  • Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution
  • Carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA at the end of their junior year of high school

Applicants may not be:

  • Children or grandchildren of employees, officers or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions or subsidiaries.
  • DACA students
  • International students
  • High school graduates
  • Temporary residents of the United States


After you have seen that you qualify for the coca cola scholarship, that is, you fit into the eligibility requirements, here are some things you need to gather before you can apply.

  • You need to get a transcript to show your course of study and your accumulated grades
  • You would need to get a school profile so you can answer various questions about your school such as your school code, the number of AP, IB and Honours classes that your school provides, and the number of community service hours required for graduation.
  • You would be made to provide the name, email address and phone number of your guidance counsellor and principal of your high school.
  • You also need a list of school and non-school related clubs and organizations in which you have participated in since your freshman year and any leadership position you have held.
  • A list of all the honours and awards that you received when participating in school and non-school related clubs and organizations and the level of each award
  • A list of your volunteer organizations with which you have served and the number of hours served with each, and any awards and honours that you have received for your participation since freshman year

Application Process

The entire application process of the Coca-Cola scholarship takes place online. The application comprises a set of question in a lengthy 5-paged form and the form is broken down into these:

Page 1: Biographical Information

Page 2: School Activities

Page 3: Community Activities

Page 4: Academic Information

Page 5: Employment Information

You are required to fill in the questions on each of these pages to the best of your ability and follow all instructions as appropriate. The questions do not serve as an aptitude test, however it would help the organizers further assess your eligibility.

After application, your entries would be reviewed by a panel. The Semi-finalist selection is carried out by the organizers and by mid-November, selections would be made. The first set will comprise roughly of 2,200 Semi-finalists. The Semi-finalists would be made to submit additional materials by late December. The materials include a biographical questionnaire, official transcript, essays, and recommendations.

When it is early January, a Program Reading Committee, which includes education professionals and past recipients, reviews the applications of Semi-finalist. By late January, the applicants would know if they will be one of 250 Regional Finalists. Regional Finalists will receive at minimum a $1,000 educational stipend, so if you are at this point, you can guarantee yourself this much.

Regional Finalists participate in interviews, either done personally or by video conferencing with the Regional Interview Committee. Depending on the location of the Regional Finalists, their interviews should take place on February 17, 18, 24, or 25. The 150 Coca-Cola Scholars would then attend the 2017 Scholars Weekend April 20 – 23 and enjoy the Scholars Weekend. Finally, you get a spot in the Alumni family of the Coca-Cola scholarship.

Points to Note

The Coca-Cola scholarship have their focus on those with leadership skills and who would ultimately want to give back to their society. In order to stand out and eventually be selected, these skills and this desire for service should be clearly stated in the best way possible.

They also hold in high esteem, candidates with good academic records. In other words, if you still have a few years to finish high school, it is advisable to work hard for your final exams and ace it as best as you can.

Where you have carried out community service jobs or you have participated in one association or club or the other, be sure to emphasize them explicitly. With all these in place, you would be on your way to becoming one of the proud awardees of the Coca-Cola scholarship.


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