non-owner car insurance

Insurance involves the entire process of being covered by the insurer for future contingencies that involve loss or accidents. There are too many types of insurance policies, ranging from life insurance to auto insurance and even home insurance. One not-so-popular type of insurance is the non-owner car insurance. As the name implies, it is a form of car insurance that is suited for non-car owners who for some reason have to drive. It usually covers the third party individual in the advent of an accident. That is, the other driver and the other car.

The amount attached to the level of claim is usually given a limit as there is no knowledge of the size of the car that you may have any altercation with. That is, In the event that you are involved in an accident, this policy will cover the injury that you caused to the other driver and the damage to the other vehicle up to the limits on your policy as well as any additional options. A non-owner policy provides coverage for people who do not own a vehicle but still need to be covered as a driver when they get behind the wheel. This allows drivers to carry liability, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves.

There are various vital reasons to get a non-owner car insurance plan. Some of the reasons are presented below.

  • Third party covering

With this type of insurance police, in the case of an accident, the person on the receiving end would be covered by your non-owner car insurance policy. Therefore, you do not have to sweat yourself in scouting for funds. One thing worthy of note is that, a non-owner car insurance policy will provide coverage for the named insured (primary person on policy) only and no other drivers can be added to the coverage. So try not to be the reason for a string of multiple accidents as just one person is covered.

Typically, a non-owner car insurance policy will offer:

  • Liability (Coverage for other driver)
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (Coverage for you and your passengers)
  • Medical/PIP (Coverage for you and your passengers)

A non-owner policy covers your liability while you are driving a vehicle even when it is not yours. It will conveniently cover the injury that you cause to people in another vehicle as well as damage to that other vehicle up to the limits of your coverage, as specified earlier. Again, it does not cover any damage to the vehicle that you may be driving. That damage can only be claimed under the insurance of the owner of the vehicle you are driving, assuming that they have comprehensive and collision coverage.

  • Legal validation

As a driver in another person’s car, you may be faced with issues on the road without this non-owner car insurance policy. Sure, your driver’s license may prove that you are capable of driving, but without an insurance policy, the safety of your driving to other people on the road can be questioned. Unfortunately, you cannot have a joint insurance policy with the real owner of the car. So even if there is a bumper sticker with a valid insurance policy belonging to the original owner of the car, it does not relate to you. This is where a non-owner car insurance policy comes in.

The non-owner car insurance policy would come with a proof that you and the third party, if required, are covered by you. Technically, an SR22 does not overrule the need for you to have a non-owner car insurance plan. An SR22 is a document or piece of paper that is filed with the state to prove that you have valid insurance. So the insurance part is a requirement for the SR22 to be filed to reinstate your license or keep it from being suspended. So if you want to legally be on the road, in another person’s car, you need to get yourself a non-owner car insurance plan.

  • Cost Saving

Just as any other insurance plan, a non-owner car insurance policy would save you a load of money in the case of any contingency. We have come to understand that accidents happen and you need to be insured. However, where you are not insured for any reason and you get involved in an accident – that may not have been primarily your fault – you may have to pay dearly. Worse off, this may happen more than once!

The amount you would paid for premiums, compared with the amount you would have to pay to fix the SUV you caused damage to or the medical fees of the other driver, is next to nothing. Insurance saves you cost in the long run or where contingencies arise. Rather than assume that you would be careful, get a non-owner car insurance policy because whether you like it or not, accidents happen.

  • You borrow cars a lot?

If you have a habit of renting cars, the damage of the car might be covered by the owner – depending on the nature of the insurance plan. However, nobody would cover the liability of the other driver or the other car. So you still have one thing to deal with. The same applies when you borrow cars from friends or family members or acquaintances.

If you fall into this category, then you absolutely need a non-owner car insurance policy. It is safer for you and safer for others.

  • Driving record

So if you have had a history of bad driving you definitely need to get a non-owner car insurance plan. Whether it was a case of being served with a DUI, or a suspended driving licence; you can be faced with serious litigation issues if you fail to get a non-owner car insurance plan. As a result of the fact that you have a bad history, you may be charged with negligence or carelessness, even if it was an accident – at least to you. In fact, in places like Virginia, the state mandates non-owner car insurance coverage for drivers who do not own a car but have has driving problems. Save yourself the stress and get yourself a good non-owner car insurance plan now.


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