6 internet business ideas for college students


Internet business has become increasingly popular today and even more people are joining in. The ways to make money off the internet are numerous as a result of the move to the internet by the new generation and millennials.

internet business

As a result of this change, even big corporations have created online presence. Just about any person can get on board with an internet business today and students are also not missing in on the action.

As a student, there is definitely a need for a multiple sources of income. Asides tuition fees, there is need to have sufficient funding for books, educational materials, and all other necessities. Since internet business is flexible and does not require so much time, depending on the type of work you are doing, you would be able to run it well with your academics without stress. There are certain forms of internet business that would be best for students in college and here is a list of just some of them,

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great internet business to join online as a student. It simply involves you getting registered under a company or organization, getting an affiliate link with which you use to publicize their products, and getting a cut on every purchase you make. It is very flexible and you can do all of it through your social media pages. Various organizations, like Amazon, offer affiliate programs. An example of organizations that offer affiliate programs is Strong Future International (SFI). It is an international best direct selling marketing company with branches in 190 countries and selling more than 110,000 products. This is just one of the plenty organizations that college students could sign up with.

  • Freelance writing

Freelance writing

Another great internet business that any college student can start without any initial capital is freelance writing. For a student majoring in writing or just one with a flair for it, this can make you a whole lot of money. When it comes to content creation or freelance writing, you do not need any degree in particular. The great part is that depending on how you position yourself, you can earn as much money as an individual working a full time standard job. It is such a lucrative business that you can continue it long after you have graduated. You can choose websites to write for or get independent clients yourself that would pay you per article. However you choose to do it, you would gain so much more than even money from it.

  • Social Media Management

Become a social media manager

As a college student, one thing is for sure, social media is not something new to you. This is why becoming a social media manager is one internet business that would come off like second nature or easy money to you. The job of a social media manager is so simple. Being that various companies and websites want to have good internet following, especially through social media, the services of people who are social media savvy are required. Basically, being a social media manager is as easy as being paid to tweet – literally. Your job is to generate social media content that puts the company you work for in good light. So all tweets or social media posts you make under their name is in their best interest and nothing short. You just have to wake up and post on a daily basis and you ca earn so much. Not bad right?

  • Website and Logo Design

Website and Logo Design

For those who have a creative edge with a bit of internet technology experience, these options would be perfect. If you are good at making logos, you can work from the comfort of your dorm and design them. Getting clients for logo and website designs may not even come too far from you. While you can scout for clients online and work on getting referrals, you can also find students like you who are looking to open blogs, websites, or start small businesses. College years usually shows a whole lot of young folks who start showing likeness for certain fields or businesses. So, designing a logo for your friend’s delivery company or eBook website can fetch you a fair pay. Who knows, your name could still be the popular name even long after you all have graduated. If you are in any related field, this could be the internet business idea that you have been searching for.

  • Resume writing

Resume writing

Following from freelance writing, resume writing can be perfect while in school – especially college. As said, students in college are one step away from building careers and earning cash. For those who are not looking to open businesses or becoming entrepreneurial, at least not immediately, they would be looking to securing wonderful jobs to start their careers on. To do this, they would certainly need to have resumes that stand out. For you to help them meet this need and also earn money from it, you could do a little research on resume writing and actually equip yourself with the relevant skills you require to write good resumes. With this, all you need to do is write for as many colleagues as you can and get paid for it. You can always extend your services via the internet to other college students as well to expand your client base.

  • Run a blog


Of course, as a student, running a blog could be another perfect internet business idea. With this, you are the ultimate master of your content, time, and you can earn as much as possible from it. No matter the topic you choose, you can develop quality articles around it and then invest your time in advertising it and putting it out there. The more you write, the more you start to seem like an expert in the field and with time, your name may just go ahead of you. Making money from blogging is as easy as affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and so much more. It is one internet business that requires commitment, but it is also one that you can earn big from in due time.

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